Finance & Insurance

Finance & Insurance

We are offering Financing for your Motorcycle through our Partner, HSBC. When you are in the process of purchasing your new motorcycle and require a loan our Sales Executive will help you to arrange the Loan with the bank by providing you with all necessary documents about your future motorcycle.

Documents for Loan:
Most banks will require the following documents to arrange a loan/mortgage:
1. Passport copy and copy of the UAE residency page
2. UAE Motorcycle licence
3. Salary certificate
4. Salary Transfer account with the bank
5. Quote from the dealership
6. Completed and signed application form
7. National ID

Please note that these are documents that will be needed, however the bank might ask you for additional documents individually and might have other terms and conditions. Note that there is a minimum of 20% deposit required for a loan. Banks have a minimum monthly salary of AED 7,000 requirement. Ensure that you read all the documentation before signing your loan.

Our team will be happy to put you in contact with a bank and assist you with documentation for the loan process. We will provide quote to our clients addressed to any banks in UAE as per their request.

Initial Deposit20% of the Invoice value
Length of loan term & main terms:HSBC: for existing card holder, there is a minimum of 6 months with the bank, note that the maximum length of the loan is up to 3 years for a maximum value of AED 200,000.
Interest5 to 6 % (As per the length of the loan)


Insuring your motorcycle is an important procedure. Our Partner, Omega is offering specifically designed Insurance Packages for Ducati customers for the UAE and Oman. Rate is 2.3% up to 7.5% (depends on rider age and how long he/she has a license) of the invoice value with a 7 years dealer repair service. There are several packages from third party to full comprehensive. We recommend you to take a full comprehensive package to protect your motorcycle.

Third Party insurance costs AED 750 for 13 months and the dealership can arrange it for you.

Why choose Full Comprehensive insurance?

When purchasing a new Ducati motorcycle, you are making an investment and the last thing you would want would be an accident or a theft and not being covered.

For Riders taking a loan with HSBC, the bank offers insurance as well. For all motorcycles purchased with a loan/mortgage, the bank requires to have a full comprehensive insurance (mandatory).

Full Comprehensive insurance starting from 2.3% and goes up to 7.5% all depends on rider age, how long he/she has a license, nationality and previous claim history. To arrange the insurance, you will need to provide the following documents (scan copy): Passport copy with the UAE residency page, UAE Motorcycle licence.

The dealership can arrange the insurance on your behalf. With regards to payment for the insurance, the dealership will accept cash payments or cheques in the name of the Insurance Company. Do not hesitate to contact our team for further details.